Delivering Dynamic Receptions Is What France Does

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All little girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day. There’s no day quite as special in her life. There’s nothing wrong with having great expectations. That’s why Bill France takes extra care in making sure everything is perfect during your wedding reception.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Brides shouldn’t have to settle for whatever the entertainer is willing to provide at their reception. Newlyweds are demanding more from their disc jockeys and that’s exactly what they should get.

picBill France didn’t set out to become a mobile entertainer...the profession chose him. More and more people were calling him and wanting him to DJ at their events. France had spent years working in broadcasting, both radio and television. He had performed in live bands and been involved in numerous theater productions both on and offstage. Maybe that’s why he’s so dedicated to turning each event into a production. He hosts everything from birthdays to corporate parties. But the one thing he’s known most for is wedding receptions. “No one does it like I do,” France says. “That’s not me bragging. That’s a fact.” If you want a low key, quiet, sit-down reception, France may not be your guy. People hire France because he knows how to transform any event into a celebration. “I want your guests up having the time of their lives. I want people to still be talking about your special day on your ten year anniversary.”

Anyone can show up with a sound system and play songs for your reception. France offers this tip to all newlyweds: If that’s all you’re after then do it yourself and save the money. If you want someone that’s going to work with you and help you create a reception that’s unique and special for you and your guests, someone that will serve as host for your event, then you better pick up the phone and give Bill France a call before your date is booked by someone else. Wedding planners like working with him because they know they can kick back and have a good time once they get to the reception because everything is taken care of.

France says he gives all power to the newlyweds. “You should never have to ask your entertainer(s) if they can do this or that. It’s your reception. You pay the bill, you call the shots.” France offers different size packages at different rates. You can basically build the reception you want at the price you want to pay.

“I want your guests up having the time of their lives. I want people to still be talking about your special day on your ten year anniversary.”

France says that dates book well in advance. He doesn’t work for a DJ company. It’s his very own operation but he doesn’t send someone in his place. If you want him, then you get him. However, that requires early planning. Call ahead and reserve your date.

A new product France is excited to be offering is the first dance remixes. More and more couples are choosing to have a little fun with their first dance. Instead of playing the traditional love song, couples ask him to create a montage of music that represents who they are, the journey they’ve taken to become husband and wife or lighten the mood with something a little more fun. “I’ve had couples that start with a slow song, then break it down about halfway through with something upbeat and then wrap it up with a slow song at the end. The sky is the limit with these.” They can even be personalized with names and audio from the newlyweds. However, this product is optional at your reception.

France would like to invite everyone to visit his online home There you can meet Bill France, and learn about his receptions, dances and parties. The site is constantly changing and being updated. France would love to talk to you about your reception. Call Bill France today at (304) 688-6842, The party starts here!