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To submit your request for an announcement please read the guidelines below, download the proper form, print out the form, fill out the information and mail it back to us at the address listed on the form.





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Photographs: Be sure to include the name of the photographer or studio. If you would like your photo returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. However, I cannot guarantee the return of any photo. If you e-mail or submit the photo on disk, it should be sent as a tiff or jpeg, at least 200dpi, and as close to actual print size as possible, either 2” or 4” wide. If you are submitting an actual photograph, it should be a glossy print and as close to actual print size as possible, either 2” or 4” wide. 

Text: If you fill out the enclosed form, I will be happy to write the article for you. However, if you write your own article, please email it with your photo or submit the typed version with your photo. Be sure to include your name, home address, home and daytime phone numbers, and your email address or fax number.

Estimating Cost: Photos: You can estimate the cost by allowing $47.25 for a wallet photo, published black & white, add $25 for full color publication; allow $189 for a 4x5” photo, published black & white, add $100 for full color publication. If you qualify for free color, use the black & white price. Please let me know which size you prefer when your announcement is submitted. Text: Text may be estimated at $18.90 for every 20 words.

Deadlines: Please submit the complete announcement at least 12 days before publication. The deadline for payment is Wednesday at noon, four days before publication.

Once your information is received, I will set up the announcement and e-mail* a copy with price on the Monday before publication. Before the following Wednesday at noon, you simply need to proofread the announcement, advise me of any changes or corrections, and return a statement granting Charleston Newspapers permission to publish. Payment must also be made before Wednesday at noon. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. *If you prefer, you may stop by to review the announcement or I can fax or mail a copy to you.

Please submit your announcement to:Michael Parsons, Celebrations Department, Charleston Newspapers, 1001 Virginia St. E., Charleston, WV 25301 OR email to

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