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By Tresa Erickson

Your fiancÚ recently proposed, and now you're in the middle of planning the big event. The two of you have lived on your own for a while, which may pose a problem when it comes to gifts. Between his stuff and yours, you have everything you need to set up your new home and then some. What in the world are you going to register for? Well, if you don't need towels, dishes and the normal household stuff, perhaps a better idea might be to set a honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon registries allow guests to contribute toward a couple's honeymoon expenses. In order to set up a registry, you need to contact your travel agent and discuss the issue with them. They should be able to advise you as to whether a honeymoon registry is possible for the trip you have planned and point you to a good company. The company should be able to divide the trip you have planned into various components and list those on a registry. Rather than a list of goods, your guests will find a list of items included in your honeymoon that they can either pay for or contribute toward the cost of. Examples that may be listed in the registry can range from items as large as accommodations, activities and airfare to smaller items, like a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates or a massage.

Before signing up for a honeymoon registry, you need to check out the company thoroughly. Some offer fewer services than others and may only provide your guests with the opportunity to mail in a check before a certain date, which will go toward the overall cost of your trip. You want a company that will give your guests choices and allow them to feel like they are purchasing an actual gift for you rather than just writing a check.

Study the details of the company. Find out how guests will receive access to the list and make a contribution. Good companies provide secure online access to the list, making it easy for any guest to look at it, and accept credit cards as well as checks. You will also want to ensure the company provides excellent customer service. Guests who have difficulty understanding the concept of a honeymoon registry or need further help making a contribution will need to speak to a representative who knows the process inside and out. Make sure you select a reputable company that is experienced in offering honeymoon registries.

For couples that have lived on their own for a while and need little in the way of household goods, a honeymoon registry may be ideal. Not only will it give guests the opportunity to purchase something that the couple actually wants and will use, but it may allow a couple the chance to go someplace really nice without breaking the bank.

Should you go the route of a honeymoon registry, make sure you take pictures of your honeymoon and post them online for all of your guests to see. That way, everyone who contributed will be able to see for themselves that you really did enjoy that bottle of wine they bought you or that hot-air balloon ride they helped pay for.

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