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Wedding Favors That Won't Break The Bank

You're a crafty person, and because you have such a tight budget for your wedding, you have decided to make as much as possible for the event, including your wedding favors. Lucky for you, there are hundreds of ideas for do-it-yourself favors that won't break the bank.

Honeymoon Help

Between his stuff and yours, you have everything you need to set up your new home and then some. What in the world are you going to register for? Well, if you don't need towels, dishes and the normal household stuff, perhaps a better idea might be to set a honeymoon registry.

And The Date Of The Big Event Is...

Before you get too far into the wedding planning, you might want to sit down with your fiancÚ and determine a date for the big event. Most of the major decisions you will make from this point on about your wedding will hinge on that, so you want to select the right date.

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